S.S.S (India) would set up certified centers (studios) all across the country to facilitate the availability of this Sanda/Sanshou geographically dispersed students. This center (studio) would be run either by

Master who have been trained at the S.S.S (India), under the direct guidance of Sijo. Dr. Udayan Acharya. Or

Existing Sanda/Sanshou masters who would trained and certified by S.S.S (India).

The student of the studio affiliated to S.S.S (India), all over the country, would avail the same high authentic standard of teaching as that imparted at S.S.S (India). This would be ensured by maintaining a standard and uniform infrastructure, syllabus, code of conduct, method and merchandise.

All centers (studio) would have to periodically renew their affiliation to this; the authenticity of all the students can be verified by visiting our website. The website will comprise identities of all the authorized training centers and masters to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of Sanda/Sanshou.


International ranked instructors impart high standard training to students and other martial artists at the S.S.S (India). It also conducts training camps at state and national levels. Indian students and S.S.S (India) affiliates have the opportunity to participate in international competitions through our organization.

Those who would like to become S.S.S (India) instructors, should undergo and instructors training at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Instructors training are compulsory for all instructors to obtain S.S.S (India) instructor certificate.

S.S.S (India) gives affiliations to other martial arts school, studios, and centers and assists them in imparting Sanda/Sanshou at their centers.

We welcome instructors, Academies, Black Belts, Students & Citizens interested in successfully martial arts careers. There are some great opportunities.

1-Question:-Already have your own academy? or always dreamed of having your own martial art school?

-Answer:-Our easy fast-track training will get you going in right direction. Start your own academy or your past time club-as a hobby.

2-Question:-Can I run a part time club as a secondary income of opportunity?

-Answer:-Yes many Instructors teach martial arts as a four day a week course. Work for an academy.

3-Question:- Can I work for a academy?

-Answer:-Yes, we are searching for a candidates with right balance of passion and attitude. No experience is necessary.

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