Sijo. Dr. Udayan Acharya has been, studying, training, coaching and exponent in the self defense field over 35 years. He is an expert who has taught self defense, combative training and street survival concepts to thousands of people in the world of martial arts. His unique approach describes evolved from his experience as a martial artist and personal safety consultant by combining science and psychology with common sense.

He is the founder of “yin yang chi kung fu (martial arts) research and development association (since-1976) India”, that provides combative workout strategies for optimal fitness and functional fighting skills.

“YYCMARDA” incorporate Chinese and universal martial arts techniques. The Sanda/Sanshou studio (India) is blessed with invaluable guidance which is accumulated by him from his experience and training, learning, discussing with many experts on yoga, martial arts from India as well as masters and authorities of martial arts all over the world and doing research on martial arts for 32 years.

Sanda Sanshou studio, India was confirmed the aimed of imparting training of this complete martial art in its credible form and disciplined. Its aim is to popularize this art amongst students and seasoned professionals.

Sanda Sanshou studio, India is affiliated to Yin Yang Chi Kung Fu Martial arts Research & Development Association Since-1976 (India) Associated with International Kung Fu Federation. This gives this students and affiliates of (S.S.S.India) the advantage of learning from internationally trained masters. Training of Sanda Sanshou would be as per the standards and syllabus established by “YYCMARDA”.

Sifu. Mr. Pratapsinh Rajput

( 3 Degree Black Sash )


Sanda/Sanshou Studio (India).