Sanshou is a Chinese term composed of the word San, meaning “loose” free and Sanshou, meaning “hand”. Sanshou is synonyms to Sanda. Sanda means “strike” or “attack”. In constrained sense of word both Sanshou and Sanda mean the flexible application of barehanded martial skills of any style.

Literal translation for Sanshou is “unbound hands” which means fighting without any restriction. Traditionally, the term “Sanda” which means free fight, is the term use to describe the mix martial art combat.

Sanshou’s history involved barehanded or “Lei tai” fights for there had been no rule for such combat. However, as a competitive event Sanshou developed in military as these bouts were commonly held between the soldiers to test and practice barehanded martial skills, abilities and techniques. Gradually rules were developed and the use of protective gloves, guards etc. were adopted.

Thus, it is a martial art which was originally developed by Chinese military. It was based upon intense study of various traditional methods and combined with modern advanced sports, medicine and training methodology. Now it is a modern Chinese hand to hand combat, self defiance system and combat sports. Actually it is based on scientific one to one combat efficiency. However Sanshou is a complete martial art that teaches overall kicking, kick on legs, kick catches, sweeps, takedowns and throws.

One can see that Sanshou transcends the boundaries of various styles of martial arts and incorporates the quintessence of different systems to allow for the integration of highly practical, comprehensive and versatile fighting techniques. Sanshou features synthesize basic elements close and long range barehanded combat.

That is why today “Sanshou” is a synthesize of traditional Chinese kung fu fighting techniques into a more amorphous system and is commonly taught alongside traditional Chinese styles of which Sanshou techniques, theory and training methods are derived from the emphasis of Sanshou is on realistic fighting ability.

As a unarmed self defense system , Sanshou is laterally every way use your mind, hands, feet and body to respond to whatever an opponent may try on you, and to defeat your opponent. Modern Sanshou was derived from immense treasure of the heritage that wushu has, but is no way limited to wushu, all viable skills and knowledge from other recognized disciplines of martial arts have been and will continue to be in co-operated into the Sanshou system.