Sanda/Sanshou is for anyone interested in getting into excellent shape of body and learning self defense skills. Students develop the ability to defend themselves at both short and far range attacks in a real combative situation.

“Sanda/Sanshou studio (India)” is dedicated to promoting the teaching of authentic Sanda/Sanshou training techniques to motivated students who are interested in developing effective skills,self confidence and strong mind as well as body. Students who are not interested in full contact sparring will also find the training helpful in developing and improving ones physical state to be able to deal with adverse situations with greater ease. Since Sanda/Sanshou transcends to boundaries among deferent styles of martial arts. Practitioners of any martial arts backgrounds are welcome, and they are encouraged to continue with their current affiliation to other martial arts organization.

The comprehensiveness of “Sanda/Sanshou studio (India)” offers a learning opportunity to the essence of wide variety of martial arts style. Our agenda is to develop, to promote and preserve the essence and characteristic of Chinese style kickboxing (Sanda/Sanshou).