Welcome to our Sanda/Sanshou studio (India) is a 3000.square foot martial arts and fitness school designed to full fill your every fitness need.

Recognize as the excellent martial arts and fitness studio in the sector-17, block no-239/2 ‘D’ type, Old M.L.A Quarter, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India .

“Sanda/Sanshou studio (India )” offers the most popular and progressive facilities services and programming in an atmosphere of unprecedented comfort and convenience. We provide one of one training and group fitness programs daily. Our professional instructors teach Sanda/Sanshou with scientifically proved conditioning exercise to students.

Program is designed to helps students reach their highest potential in life. The classes are taught by martial arts professionals with the expertise of motivating students.

Learn and train in Sanda/Sanshou (Chinese kick boxing) with us, at above location in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) India. Sanda/Sanshou contestants complete with such techniques as kicking, hitting and wrestling under certain regulations. Fighters are permitted to use both hands and feet which facilitates flexible moves and strikes.

Our course focuses on learning basic training methods and techniques such as punching, kicking, grappling and throwing. Suitable for both beginners and advanced students, this course is idle for students looking to improve their level and learn how to teach Sanda/Sanshou by scientific modern way.

If you love fighting art and combat sports or if you looking for self defense course, you have the opportunity to train in designated Sanda/Sanshou classes.